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Now you can pay bills of anyone, anywhere in the world from any place in the world. You can shop, pay bills, buy airline tickets, eat do many other things without handing physical cash to anyone.

This is really exciting.

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The financial services industry has seen extraordinary innovation since past few years. In common with most industries it has been changed by the internet and digital technologies, financial technology or fintech. Our most advanced money transfer systems have the latest technologies and offer alternative business models and better propositions. It has the capacity to innovate the entire banking systems which are currently available.

Our Remittances or International Money Transfers have the kind of innovation which has far reaching impact on the Banking and Financial Services Industry – quite literally. Our Innovative Remittances connect people and shrink the world. They have evolved in parallel with new technology, growing significantly every year. Our Money Transfer technologies truly liberate you and if you want to transfer money from anywhere to anywhere in the world, you no longer have to rely on financial institutions with their old technology, expensive rates and often slow delivery times.

Welcome to the Digital Payments Division. The International Payment Gateway for Secure Online Digital Internet Payment and Mobile Payment FinTech using Innovative Cloud Technology that promises to be a game changer and a revolution in Internet Technologies. This path breaking technology for national and international payments is highly secure, trusted, authentic, reliable and will change the way people look at Internet payments.

International Payment Gateway is developed and presented to you by EAZYBILLPAY Payment Technologies – The Global Leader in Software Technologies and Information Systems using the latest technology for International Bill Payments.

At IMONEYPLANET we recommend you to use EAZYBILLPAY application and sotware. 

IMONEYPLANET Money transfer and International Payment Systems offer a wide range of options such as cash payouts, account credits, mobile wallets and even door-delivery services. Our Innovative Fintech has helped increase and refine the transfer options. We open up the ability to reach more people in more places, particularly those who were previously financially excluded, has been reinforced through partnerships that are creating powerful financial networks. The result is a our new fintech-based infrastructure that can transfer money more quickly, efficiently and economically than ever before.

Shaped by money transfer businesses, this fintech infrastructure spans nearly every country and region, and includes thousands of agent locations. It integrates banks, non-banking institutions, telcos, fintechs and other market players, forming a remittance community that optimises cross-border transfers and collaborates on new products and services.  

Our most innovative product is the mobile money. IMONEYPLANET International Remittances today connect people in regions that are often unbanked or underbanked, and the growth of mobile money and particularly digital wallets has been critical in making money transfers more accessible and convenient to every one in the world. We are always looking for great collaborations between money transfer organisations and other businesses.

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Economic Renaissance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence explores a wide range of new approaches to the economic, social, legal, scientific, technological, financial, architectural, environmental, and humanistic challenges that humanity will face due to increased automation.

Marshall Goldsmith wrote in his book, What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There, that people rely on their past experience to address new challenges. The limitation with this approach is that these new challenges often arise from different contexts and may not be susceptible to traditional approaches.

In the coming era of artificial intelligence (AI), expanded use of robots, and increased trans-national commerce, humanity will face monumental challenges that will differ from those we have faced in the past, including how to avoid mass unemployment due to rapid growth of automation.

Economic Renaissance in the Age of Artificial Intelligence explores a wide range of new approaches to the economic, social, legal, scientific, technological, financial, architectural, environmental, and humanistic challenges that humanity will face due to increased automation. The new methods and approaches outlined by the various experts in this book will help inform and inspire humanity to create a more balanced world in which science, economics, and the environment can thrive for years to come.

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With our new technologies, more options are available, cross border payments, money transfers are becoming more flexible and easier. Our Fintech Innovation allows you safe and secure money transfer systems.


Money Transfer, Payment Systems are the backbone of any business, which is why we offer innovative, mission-critical solutions that offer you instant payment solutions, highly secure, efficient, and offer flexible, scalable systems that meet the specific needs of any business. IMONEYPLANET provides highly innovative payment, money transfer and cross border payment solutions. Whether it is payment solutions or Blockchain Technology, we lead the global network. We provide exclusive solutions which protect the global payment network from hazards and outages that can cause multi-million dollar losses.

IMONEYPLANET is committed to creating and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, built on a foundation of excellence and trust. From the Services we provide to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you. Our Corporate Culture is based on highest commitment to customer centric service and ethics.


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Imagine being able to transfer value, or prevent contractual disputes over the Internet — without going through a third party. Confidently. Securely. Almost instantly. This is the promise of our innovative technology, and the implications are so profound that its implementation could revolutionize business practices as we know them.

Our mission is to listen to our consumer's specific needs and deliver highly efficient services through continuous product innovation and operational excellence. For the financial service providers, transferring remittances can be a lucrative business.

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Our advanced technology uses decentralized ledger to maintain the network, not controlled by the existing monetary systems. The larger the blockchain network grows, the more secure it gets.


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Our crypto is scheduled to launch soon. With the crypto world getting more traction, the dependence on physical currencies for payments and money transfers are deceasing. Await our Crypto Launch soon.


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